Table of Contents

January 1: 04M-1 "Cross Currents" (two-unit formed)

January 16: LS282 (complete construction failure at about 85%)

January 23: 04F-1 "Effervescence"

February 20 attempt rained out before start

March 5: 04F-2

March 12: 04F-3 "Over the Top"

March 19: 04F-4 "Inside-Out"

April 2: 04F-5

May 1: 04F-6 "A Celebration in Community"

July 23: 04F-7 "Looking for Community"

August 8: 04F-8 "I'm Still Here"
August 8: 04P-1 (demonstration arch for Carlos and family, no images)

September 18: 04F-9 "No More Solo Sculptures"

October 2: 04F-10 "No Robot"
October 2: 04P-2 (demonstration for Colo U students, no pictures)
October 13: 04F-11 "Love, Of Course" Toolmaker story #11, Rectascreenus B
October 23: 04F-12 Toolmaker story #12, Waterscreen
October 23: 04P-3 (demonstration piece for Andy Raffalski, no images)
October 31: 04F-13 "Frodo Lives!" (for Ryan Rees' proposal)

November 20: 04F-14

December 4: 04F-15 "Holding Spirit"
December 4: 04P-4 (demonstration for Debbie Novero, no images)
December 18: 04F-16 "Light is the Glue"

Formed sculptures: 17 attempts, 16 completions
Free-piled sculptures: 4, all demonstrations
Hybrids: 0
Multiples: 1 (formed)
Relief: 0
Lifetime starts 281-298

This is taken from my 2004 Tidelog, which is where I record sculptures. Putting them in sequence helps me remember, and keep things straight when doing the images. Details might be recorded elsewhere, but this gives me a framework to hang the details on. The advantage of doing it here is that the file is accessible from anywhere there's an Internet connection.

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